One leaf. That’s all. And if Xavier asks, well—

They’ll forgive you. 

The sun sets on the potion shop. It’s a perfect fall night, and Thrush knows just what to do with it—steal a leaf from the basement, sneak off to the woods, and start a fire. Just a small one. 

It’s Xavier’s last night at home before they move into their student apartment. It’s a dream, finally being admitted to Foxglove Academy of Enchantment—maybe now the world will start to make sense again. With their parents missing, their anxiety spiking, and their gender indeterminable, things have been a bit of a mess. 

2 playable characters, 4 different endings, 5.2k words.

A few spells, a cute boy, plenty of hot chocolate, and many feelings. 

cw: suicidal ideation, mention of therapy 

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I am in love with this  game! So genuine and beautiful! 

thank you for commenting!! im so glad you enjoyed the game! 

Yo I made an account just to comment! This is one of the most honest and gently intriguing, real media experiences I've had the pleasure of participating in a long time. The subtlety and connectedness of your writing is both inspiring and amazing to behold. Thank you for sharing!!

thank you for taking the time to write this! it means a lot to know my game affected you <3

i love how transporting this game is... the atmosphere is so lovely too, dark and warm at the same time

this is such a thoughtful comment!! thank you so much for playing <3